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The beginning

The beginning of Dr. Richard company dates back into the first years after the 2nd Great War. In 1942 the company started with seven used trucks of the former German Wehrmacht mainly with the transport of cargo.

The founder of the company, Dr. Ludwig Richard, soon realized that the cargo business could not be profitably maintained and expanded due to stiff competition. So he decided to adapt his vehicles to the growing need for regular passenger transport services.

In the years after the war the predecessors of today´s “Kraftfahrlinienkonzessionen” were called “Fahrbefehle” (run commands). Such a run command allowed Dr. Richard to start the itinerary Vienna – Mönichkirchen – Friedberg – Oberwart – Stegersbach – Güssing. A part of the itinerary crossed Hungarian territory which made an on-board Hungarian customs officer mandatory on that part of the trip.

In these economically challenging times the fleet was expanded to 10 used and adapted trucks. In 1951 there still weren´t any used busses available and new ones were too expensive. At that time there were numerous small companies in the transport business suffering from financial difficulties and thus often were acquired by Dr. Richard, integrating their itineraries into the Dr. Richard network. That way, over the years, lines into the Lobau, to Kagran, into Liebhartstal, to Gallitzinberg and to Heuberg were acquired and added to the Dr. Richard transport network. Soon the lines Vienna – Mattersburg – Nikitsch- Zwettl (Weinviertel) followed.