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Your advantage –

– to be seen and recognized by your target audience – the bottom line of successful advertising!

Advertising on and in busses is ideally suited to position and anchor your business in the mind of the people in your region and develop and maintain a positive image!

Think about it! The monthly fee for ad-space on a bus equals about the amount of a 2-column print ad. Seen today, perhaps overlooked, tomorrow thrown into the recycle bin. Print media are extremely short lived and costly. After all, according to research of media experts your ad needs about 7 hits to be recognized at all!

Moving ads have a higher impact on the audience.

Your bus will be seen every day, by many people. From inside cars, by pedestrians, by bus passengers – your ad will be noted in your targeted region! Ads on our regional busses are extremely effective if you are targeting the affluent suburbs and urban fringe region.