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The History of G1

With a run order of the provincial government of Burgenland, Dr Richard opened his first line Vienna – Oberwart – Stegersbach – Güssing – Jennersdorf in 1945/46 and thus placed the cornerstone for today´s largest privately held passenger transport service in central Europe, Dr. Richard Verkehrsbetriebe.

After the acquisition of “Südburg (1977), Dr. Richard initiated a shared transport model for the line Vienna – Jennersdorf with 4 daily round trips (G1) on week days in 1978 together with Austrobus. In order not to lose any more people migrating to Vienna, the provincial government of Burgenland took a decision to subsidize tickets on the G1 line for commuters living in the south of Burgenland.

While in 1989 only 5 commuters used the G1 line daily, today this number has increased a hundred fold, with passengers using weekly, monthly, and yearly tickets. The number of weekly commuters staying in Vienna has decreased dramatically. Especially the youth of southern Burgenland now has the opportunity to find a job in Vienna, while continuing to live in the South of Burgenland.

Dr. Richard has taken great pains to make this trip as interesting and comfortable as possible by

  • significantly reducing the length of trips:

Oberwart – Wien: 90 minutes
Güssing – Wien: between 120 and 150 minutes

  • establishing 30 minute-intervals during peak times

from Güssing 02:55 am to 06.55 am
from Oberwart: 03:45 am to 07.45 am
from Vienna: 2:15 pm to 6.15 pm

  • offering late evening trips from Vienna until 9:15 pm.

  • increasing the number of daily round trips

Monday-Thursday, 18 round trips to Southern Burgenland on working days.
Friday, 23 round trips, if working day.

Saturday, if working day: 10 round trips
Sunday, Holiday: 11 round trips

Thus, with a total of 232 round trips per week, Dr Richard offers a high degree of flexibility and availability for commuters in the Burgenland.

In order to assure a high degree of comfort, luxury coaches are being used, offering to commuters and visitors to Vienna reclining and fully reclining seats, air condition, toilet, audio system for every seat with a selection of programs, tape and CD function, 220 Volt power plug, reading and up-to-date safety features.

The G1 line